Chrisean Jr Hernia: Exploring Life of Chrisean & Hernia Surgery of Her Child

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Chrisean Jr Hernia

Chrisean Rock, an American rapper and reality television personality, is known for her appearances on Zeus Network’s reality series Baddies. However, her life took a dramatic turn when her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. This article will explore the life of Chrisean Jr Hernia and the journey of her child’s hernia surgery.

Life of Chrisean Jr Hernia Rock

Born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, Chrisean Eugenia Malone, professionally known as Chrisean Rock, had a challenging upbringing. Raised alongside her 11 siblings, her father was in prison for most part of her childhood, whereas her mother was struggling with drug addiction. 

Despite these hardships, Chrisean Jr Hernia was a natural athlete and even trained for the Junior Olympics from the age of 12 up until 17. Chrisean’s career took off when she started making appearance on an OnlyFans show called Blue Girls Club, living in rapper Blueface’s mansion for a month to show herself on his platform. 

Her popularity on the show led Blueface to sign her as an artist to his label, BluefaceLLC. She released her debut single, “Lonely”, a collaboration with Blueface, and her song “Vibe” has gained over 8 million streams on Spotify.

Chrisean’s Child and the Hernia Diagnosis

A significant event in Chrisean’s life was when her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., was found to have an inguinal hernia. This type of hernia is characterized by the protrusion of the intestines through the abdominal wall, visible under the skin in the groin or scrotum area of the child. 

If left untreated, it could escalate to an strangulated or incarcerated hernia. In such cases, the hernia’s contents might become trapped or strangled, disrupting blood flow to the child’s intestines and leading to the death of the tissue.

The Journey of Hernia Surgery

Hernia repair surgery, also known as herniorrhaphy, involves returning the displaced tissues to their proper position. The weak spot is then stitched or patched up. The surgery can be performed in several ways, including open repair, laparoscopic repair, and robotic repair.

In the case of Chrisean’s son, the surgery was successful. The news was shared by Chrisean on Instagram, where she posted a video of herself with her little man in a hospital room. The successful surgery marked a significant milestone in the life of Chrisean Jr Hernia and her son.

Chrisean Jr Hernia’s Boyfriend

Chrisean Rock, also known as Chrisean Malone, has had a few notable relationships. She was previously involved with the rapper Blueface. They were known to be in a relationship starting in 2020. 

However, after breaking up with Blueface, Chrisean revealed that she was dating someone new. She has been seen getting with the rapper K Suave, and she even got his name, “Kevin”, tattooed on her wrist.


Chrisean Rock has been involved in several controversies. One of the most notable incidents was when she was sued for allegedly assaulting James Wright Chanel, a backup singer, at a Tamar Braxton concert. 

According to reports, Chrisean was upset about not getting to perform and allegedly punched James Wright Chanel in the face, causing lacerations and two broken teeth.

In another incident, Chrisean came under fire for making colorist remarks about a fan’s dark skin complexion during a live stream on Instagram. This sparked a big online backlash against her.


The life of Chrisean Jr Hernia is a testament to resilience and strength. From her challenging upbringing to her rise in the music industry and the journey of her son’s hernia surgery, Chrisean’s story is one of determination and courage. As she continues to take care of her career and personal life, her story serves as an inspiration to many.


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