Who is Janine Tate? Knowing Everything About Andrew Tate Sister

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Andrew Tate sister, Janine Tate, unlike her famous brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate, leads a private life, focusing on her family and her career. Despite being part of a well-known family, Janine has managed to maintain a low profile. Let us talk about the life of Janine Tate, Andrew Tate sister well-known personality.

Biography of Janine Tate

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Full Name Janine Tate
Birthplace Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Parents Emory Andrew Jr and Eileen Ashleigh
Siblings Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate
Profession Business Litigation Lawyer
Education University of Kentucky, J David Rosenberg College of Law
Marital Status Married to Norman Webb
Children One child
Residence Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Net Worth Estimated at $250,000

Early Life and Family

Janine Tate, Andrew Tate sister, was born in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, Janine is the youngest child of Emory Andrew Jr and Eileen Ashleigh. Her father was an international chess master of African-American ethnicity, while her mother, of British origin, worked as a catering assistant. Janine has two siblings, brothers Andrew and Tristan.

The Tate Siblings

While Andrew and Tristan are inseparable and always in the headlines, Janine Tate, Andrew Tate sister prefers to keep her life private. As per the reports, her relationship with her famous brothers is not good. The siblings live separate lives and have a strained relationship.


Janine Tate, Andrew Tate sister, is a professional business litigation lawyer. She also practices healthcare and insurance defense law. Janine graduated from the University of Kentucky’s J David Rosenberg College of Law.

Some of her achievements include receiving the Best Oral Advocate, Legal Research and Writing Club and being featured on the 2015 and 2019 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list.

Personal Life

Janine is married to Norman Webb. They have one child together. She currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Net Worth

As a successful lawyer, Janine Tate has an estimated net worth of $250,000. Her income primarily comes from her career as a lawyer.

Who are Andrew Tate’s Siblings?

Andrew Tate, a well-known social media personality and former professional kickboxer, has two siblings:

  1. Tristan Tate: Tristan is the middle child of the three siblings. Like Andrew, Tristan also started off as a kickboxer.
  2.  Janine Tate: Janine is the youngest of the three children. Unlike her brothers, she leads a quiet life away from controversy and publicity. She is a professional lawyer and lives with her family in Kentucky, USA.

What are the allegations against Andrew and Tristan Tate?

Andrew and Tristan Tate, also known as the Tate brothers, are facing serious allegations in Romania. The brothers are accused of creating a criminal organization that exploited women by coercing them into producing pornographic content for monetary gain.

They allegedly recruited victims by misrepresenting their intention to enter into a marriage/cohabitation relationship and the existence of genuine feelings of love.


Janine Tate, Andrew Tate sister, has carved out a successful career for herself while maintaining a low profile. Despite the fame and controversy surrounding her family, she has chosen a different path, focusing on her career and family.

Her story is the proof to the fact that one can lead a fulfilling life away from the limelight.

Some FAQs

Who is Janine Tate?

Janine Tate is an American lawyer known for her famous father and brothers. She is also the sister of Andrew Tate, a British-American kickboxer and businessman.

What is Janine Tate’s profession?

Janine Tate works as a full-time lawyer. She is alleged to specialize in business and commercial litigation.

Where was Janine Tate born?

Janine Tate was born in Luton, Bedfordshire, East of England, UK.

Where does Janine Tate currently reside?

Janine Tate currently resides in Kentucky, United States.

Who are Janine Tate’s family members?

Janine Tate’s family includes her mother, Eileen Tate, her father, Emory Andrew Tate Jr., and her brothers, Andrew and Tristan Tate.

What is known about Janine Tate’s lifestyle?

Unlike her brothers, who are public figures, Janine Tate prefers to live a private life away from the limelight.


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