How To Get Free Or Low-Cost Internet And Wi-Fi At Home

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How To Get Free Or Low-Cost Internet And Wi-Fi At Home- AmericaConnects

Nowadays, it is super important to be on the internet. However, sometimes, getting WiFi can be difficult or cost a lot. If you want free WiFi at your place, there are a number of ways to save money while surfing the web.

Get Free Or Low-Cost Internet And Wi-Fi At Home

Here are some free or low cost internet and WI-Fi at home:

Phone Hotspot

Your phone can share its internet with other gadgets. Go to your settings, find “Hotspot,” and turn it on. Make a password, and now your tablet or computer can use your phone’s WiFi. Just remember, a hotspot uses your cellular data, so you might run out if it is not unlimited.

If you only need WiFi for one device, connect your phone to your computer or tablet with a USB cable. Switch on your hotspot, but pick “tethering” instead of Bluetooth.

If your family does nothas mulimited amountmoney, you might get free WiFi from this program. Go to their website, enter your zip code and how much money your family makes in a year if you can, apply to get free WiFi from one of the internet companies near you.

Check if you can get it by visiting and putting in your zip code.


This company gives free WiFi for 60 days. If you do not have a Comcast account yet, just call them to get 2 months of free WiFi. After that, you can stop or choose to pay for it.

To get Comcast, go to

Altice (Optimum)

If you are a student, you can have free WiFi for 60 days. Check their website to see if you can get it, then call a provider to sign up. After 2 months, you can stop or choose to pay for it.

To check if you can get it, visit


If your family does not have much money, you can get free WiFi with the Verizon Lifeline program. Go to their website and fill out a form to check if you can get it. If you can, call Verizon and start your free Lifeline account.

Check if you can get it at


If you have a kid in K-12, you might get 2 free months of WiFi. Go to the Cox website, put in your details, and see if you qualify. Cox will give you 60 days of free WiFi if you have a student at home.

To begin, visit

Neighborhood WiFi

You can get free WiFi from your neighbours. Go to a neighbour’s place and ask if you can use their WiFi. They might say yes, and then you can use their password to connect.

If any nearby WiFi networks do not have passwords, click on them and try to connect. You might discover a new WiFi spot right near your home.

People May Also Ask

How can I get free WiFi without paying?

Apart from public libraries, your local bookstore is also a good spot to find free WiFi. Public plazas—Cities worldwide have started putting free WiFi in public areas to bring more people to local shops.

Which app has free WiFi?

Instabridge. This app, made by a Swedish company, is the world’s biggest community for sharing free WiFi. Instabridge always updates the database to give you access to working WiFi spots. It also has a VPN service to keep your data safe when using free WiFi.

Is WiFi free?

Is WiFi Free? Many places, like restaurants and hotels, offer free WiFi, but it is not always free. That’s because the device sending the signal needs an internet connection, which is not always free.

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