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Best Unlimited Home Internet Companies Of 2023- AmericaConnects

Having the internet at home is super important. It is like paying for electricity or an old-style phone. However, here is the thing – some internet plans have limits on how much you can use. If you go over, your internet might slow down, or you might have to pay extra.

Now, imagine if there was a plan where you could use as much internet as you want, with no extra charges. That is called an unlimited internet plan. However, here’s the trick: different companies have different unlimited plans. Picking the best one for your home can be difficult.

To make it easy for you to choose the best-unlimited internet, we checked out all the top companies that provide this service. Here are the top five companies with the best-unlimited internet plans for your home.

How we found the best-unlimited internet companies for you

We started by looking at companies that meet some basic standards. Then, we checked out 23 of the most common ones and rated them on 35 different things, focusing on how fast and reliable they are. We picked the ones with the quickest internet for you.

Our ratings also think about what customers say, the support they offer, how much it costs, how fast you can download things if they use fiber or 5G, how much of the country they cover, and what we think is best. Moreover, just so you know, only our team decided on the ratings.

Best Unlimited Home Internet Companies

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How to Choose an Unlimited Data Internet Plan

Choosing the right unlimited internet plan for you can be tough. There are so many companies and plans out there that it is kind of overwhelming. However, do not worry; here is what you can think about to make it easier when you are choosing your internet provider.

Internet Speeds

Let us talk about how fast your internet is:

The speed of your internet is super important, maybe even more than how much data you get. If you are really into gaming, speed matters a lot. However, even for everyday activities like online meetings or just browsing, not having enough speed can be really annoying.

Unlimited internet speeds usually go from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps). Some plans might be slower, around 10 Mbps, or faster, up to 8 Gbps. For most people doing work at home or having online meetings, a good speed is around 300 Mbps.

If you are into serious gaming or streaming on a bunch of devices at the same time, you might want to go for a plan closer to 1 Gbps.

Fiber vs. Cable

Cable is what most people use for the internet. It is everywhere, reaching most places in the country. However, there are other options like 5G, satellite, and fiber optics, each with its own perks.

Now, fiber internet is only in certain spots. However, if you are lucky to have it, you get super fast downloads and uploads. Great for streaming and gaming!

Choosing between fiber and cable depends on how fast you want to go. Fiber can be a bit pricier, but it often goes above 1 Gbps, and it is pretty reliable. Cable can only go up to around 1 Gbps, but it is cheaper and available in more places.

Rules and Restrictions

The idea of unlimited internet can be unclear. When you pick an unlimited data internet provider, make sure the plan is genuinely unlimited unless you are sure you will not need more than they say. Some providers say there are no data limits, but in reality, your internet might slow down after using a certain amount of data.

If you will not go over this unseen data limit, it is okay to go for these plans, especially if it saves you money. However, it is better to check first for total freedom with your data.

Promotions and Discounts

Because internet providers really want your business, they often have special prices and discounts. It might not be the main reason to pick one provider, but if you are choosing between two and one has a discount, it is a good idea to grab it.

Some providers give discounts for new customers or have cheaper prices for a certain time. Also, some companies offer lower monthly rates forever if you get internet along with other things like a phone or TV package.

Reasons to Choose an Unlimited Internet Plan

Let us talk about why you might want an Unlimited Internet Plan:

Big Data Needs

If you and your family use many data, getting an unlimited plan can save you money and make sure your internet stays fast all month. Whether you are into serious gaming or download a lot of big videos, an unlimited plan is a good idea.

Large Family

Big families use data just because there are more people and devices. With unlimited data, your family can enjoy faster speeds, which is helpful when many devices are working at the same time.

No Worrying About Extra Costs

Some internet providers charge a lot if you go over your data limit. Even if you only get close to your limit sometimes, having an unlimited plan gives you peace of mind. You won’t run out of internet or have to pay extra fees for using too much.

How much internet the average household uses

It is really tricky to pinpoint an exact number for how much internet a typical household uses. People guess it is somewhere between 400 GB and nearly 800 GB. The reason it is such a big range is because every family is different, with various habits and needs.

How we figured out the best-unlimited internet companies

We looked at different things to decide their star rating, including:

Customer Reviews (18%)

We took into account what customers said about each company. Reviews from places like Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, Google Reviews, and Facebook made up 18% of our rating.

Customer Support (12%)

We checked how good the customer support was. Things like live chat, phone service, and whether customers had access to helpful info like a knowledge base or community forum made up 12% of the score.

Plans (32%)

This was a big part of our scoring. We looked at the types of plans offered, prices, contact details, installation options, and any discounts or promotions. All of this made up 32% of the score.

Fiber, 5G, and Speed (19%)

We considered the types of connections available and how fast they claimed to be. This made up 19% of our rating.

State Availability (15%)

We also looked at where the companies provided their services. The more states they covered, the better the score, making up 15% of the rating.

Editorial Judgment Points (4%)

We kept a little space for extra points. If a company had some excellent features that stood out, our expert reviewers gave them a bonus. This made up 4% of the score.

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