Best Internet Providers in Los Angeles, California Plans & Pricing 2023

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Our top choice for internet in LA is AT&T Fiber. It offers equal speeds for uploading and downloading, no limits on data usage, no long-term commitments, and you don’t have to pay to rent equipment. It’s an excellent broadband option for many households in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind, though, that AT&T Fiber isn’t available everywhere in the city. In such cases, residents might consider other providers like Spectrum, which has broader availability.

Provider Spectrum
Internet Plan Fast and Reliable Internet
Monthly Cost Starting from $49.99
Download Speeds Up To 1 Gbps
Contract No Contracts
Data Limit Unlimited
Bundle Options Internet, TV, and Phone available
Savings Opportunity Bundle services to save
Provider AT&T
Download Speeds Up To 1.0 Gbps
Availability in LA 77.92%
Connection Type Fiber
Provider Spectrum
Download Speeds Up To 1.0 Gbps
Availability in LA 98.29%
Connection Type Cable
Provider HughesNet
Download Speeds Up To 25 Mbps
Availability in LA 100.00%
Connection Type Satellite
Provider Viasat
Download Speeds Up To 150 Mbps
Availability in LA 100.00%
Connection Type Satellite
Provider Starlink
Download Speeds Up To 166 Mbps
Availability in LA 100.00%
Connection Type Satellite
Provider EarthLink
Download Speeds Up To 1.0 Gbps
Availability in LA 97.26%
Connection Type Fiber
Provider T-Mobile Home Internet
Download Speeds Up To 100 Mbps
Availability in LA 95.53%
Connection Type 5G Home Internet
Provider Starry
Download Speeds Up To 1.0 Gbps
Availability in LA 70.59%
Connection Type Fixed Wireless
Provider Verizon
Download Speeds Up To 300 Mbps
Availability in LA 65.62%
Connection Type 5G Home Internet
Provider Frontier
Download Speeds Up To 1.0 Gbps
Availability in LA 20.34%
Connection Type Fiber

Best Internet Services in Los Angeles


AT&T is one of the top internet service providers in Los Angeles. It has different plans with speeds of 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 1 Gbps, so you can pick what suits your needs and budget. AT&T is known for being affordable and offering various services in one package.


Verizon is another great choice for the internet in Los Angeles. It provides 5G home internet to 66% of the city with speeds up to 300 Mbps. You can choose between the 5G Home or 5G Home Plus plans, and they come with a Wi-Fi 6 router.


The spectrum covers 98% of Los Angeles with its internet service, which uses fiber and cable. When you go with Spectrum, you get a free modem, no data limits, and the option to select from three maximum download speeds: 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 1 Gbps.

Most Affordable Internet Services in Los Angeles


Verizon, known for its 5G home internet, brings budget-friendly options to Los Angeles residents. With the 5G Home plan, you can get speedy 300 Mbps downloads for just $25 per month when bundling with an unlimited phone plan and enrolling in autopay.


Spectrum offers budget-friendly internet plans in Los Angeles. For $19.99 a month, you can get speeds of up to 30 Mbps, perfect for casual browsing and email. If you need more speed, $29.99 a month gets you up to 100 Mbps, which is suitable for streaming and light remote work.


HughesNet is a satellite internet provider covering 100% of Los Angeles, especially in areas without other high-speed options. With varying data tiers, the most affordable option gives you 15 GB of data at speeds up to 15 Mbps for $49.99 a month.

Service Availability


Spectrum’s internet is available in 98% of Los Angeles, and you can get super-fast download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Almost everywhere is covered, except for some parts of Coastal San Pedro and small areas near the Harbor and Santa Ana freeways downtown.


EarthLink is next in line with a good reach, covering 97% of the city. They use fiber or fixed wireless to provide their service.


AT&T is widely available, reaching 78% of the city from Highland Park down to San Pedro.

Starry Internet

Starry Internet has a 71% availability, providing fiber or fixed wireless to Central LA and some areas downtown. It is also available east of Van Nuys Airport and I-405, as well as parts of Woodland Hills, Tarzana, and Encino.

T-Mobile and Verizon

T-Mobile covers 70% of the city, and Verizon covers 66%, offering 5G home internet to many areas in Los Angeles.

People May Also Ask

Can I get fiber internet service in Los Angeles?

Fiber optic internet is in 37% of Los Angeles, offering speeds up to 1 Gbps in some parts. Providers like Spectrum, EarthLink, AT&T, Starry Internet, and Frontier have this service. To know if your home can get it, check on the providers’ websites by entering your address.

What is the fastest internet provider in Los Angeles?

The fastest internet providers in Los Angeles are Starry Internet, Spectrum, Frontier, EarthLink, and AT&T. They all give a top download speed of 1 Gbps. Some providers offer more speed, but they are hardly available, often below 1% or even 0.1% in Los Angeles.

Does Los Angeles have 5G home internet service available?

Yes, you can get 5G home internet in about 70% of Los Angeles. There are various fixed wireless providers, but their coverage is limited. T-Mobile’s 5G home internet covers 70% of the city. Verizon’s 5G home internet is in 66% of Los Angeles, concentrated from Chinatown to South Los Angeles. EarthLink, AT&T, and Starry Internet provide fixed wireless.

Is Starlink satellite internet available in Los Angeles?

Yes, you can sign up for Starlink satellite internet in Los Angeles. Starlink uses a network of low Earth orbit satellites to give faster speeds than regular satellite internet.

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