What is eRank for Etsy?

Emma Swift

What is eRank for Etsy

As one of the most popular e-commerce platforms to sell products, Etsy has more than 4.3 million active sellers. And if you plan to survive in this market, a strong competition is a must. If you are planning the same then ERank for Etsy is for you.

eRank is a tool that is commonly used by Etsy sellers to help them improve their listings with search phrases of interest. However, it does not stop that. Do you wish to investigate this tool further?

LitCommerce will give an introduction to eRank and its notable functions. We will look at:

What is eRank?

ERank is described as one of the most popular tools for finding keywords on Etsy. However, its features extend to more than that role. eRank helps sellers use the necessary information to assess and guide their virtual business effectively.

Is eRank good for Etsy? Yes, eRank helps you in some ways:

  • Finding rare words: It tells you special words that people use when searching for things online.
  • Checking out other sellers: You can research about how good your competition is to understand where you stand.
  • Keeping an eye on your stuff: eRank for Etsy helps you see how changes, for example new pictures, impact how well your items appear.
  • Etsy search learning tips: These to make it simple for those to get find your products and shop when they are on Etsy.

How Can I Link eRank to Etsy?

Connecting eRank and Etsy store is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the eRank website.
  • Now Click the Register button at the top of the page.
  • Fill in your name, email, and password on the form.
  • Click Register, and eRank will send you an email to confirm.
  • Open the email, click the link to confirm your address, and log in to your eRank account.

Now comes the Etsy connection:

  • Click “Connect with Etsy” on the dashboard.
  • eRank will take you to Etsy, there, grant access to your account.
  • Once you have done that, you are good to go. You can start using eRank for Etsy. 

How Can You Use eRank for Etsy?

If you are wondering, “How can I sell more on Etsy?” using eRank for Etsy is the way to go. eRank has cool features, and the best ones are checking out keywords and seeing what your competition is up to. However, there is more to it. Let us see how you can use eRank to make your Etsy shop even better.

eRank for Etsy Keyword Research

eRank has two tools for finding keywords, a simple one and an upgraded explorer. Both tell you about search volume along with similar words.

However, the Explorer tool goes further. It shows when and where people are most interested in specific terms. Also, you can filter your keyword searches – like choosing exact words or excluding some to get better results.

Here is how to use eRank for Etsy searches:

  • Use eRank’s keyword tool to get related words for a main keyword.
  • Get new ideas for your stuff using long-tail keywords from the Explorer tool.
  • Target shoppers worldwide with seasonal and location info for better ads.

eRank Etsy SEO Tips

Making your Etsy stuff visible on Google and Etsy’s own search needs good SEO. eRank for Etsy gives you helpful info on how your keywords match your listings. Wondering how to use eRank for Etsy? Here are some easy tips:

Use the keyword tool to get words that lots of people search for but not many sellers use. Put these in your listings.

Check tag reports and follow suggestions to fix tags that are not doing well. This boosts your chances of being found.

Look at audit tool data to make your listings better. Fix up SEO, keywords, and how easy it is to read.

eRank Listing Check for Etsy

If you want to make your Etsy listings better and check out what successful sellers do, the Listing Audit is very easy. It is like a shortcut, showing you everything in one report instead of hunting for each detail.

  •  Go to your eRank listing reports.
  • Click on the Listing Audit button near any listing.
  • Moreover, the report gives you tips, suggestions, and handy Etsy links for quick learning. 
  • When you tweak things and want to see the changes, hit the red Refresh button. It updates the listing info on eRank.
  • Now, eRank’s tool is a part of the dashboard. So, checking listings and seeing progress is very easy.

eRank Etsy Rival Report

Knowing what others do helps manage shops and gets ideas for popular stuff. However, how do you track your rivals? Here are the steps:

  • Type a the name of the shop of the competitor in the Track Shop box.
  • eRank for Etsy spills the beans on their sales, products, and even the keywords they love.
  • But which competitors are gold for making your shop better? In eRank, look for two kinds of competitors.

If you and some other sellers are on a similar level and dealing with similar issues, you can check what is working for them. Look at the words that bring in customers to your shop and find others using those same words.

Also, if you want to be like the big and successful shops in your category, you can use of competition top sellers tool. This tool shows if your type of shop makes money and if there are certain seasons when it is busier.

Once you know what strategies these Etsy sellers are using, pick the ones that help your shop and use them for yourself. eRank makes it easy – it lets you learn from the best and make your own business better. 


Is eRank useful for Etsy?

The overall eRank is one of the best Etsy SEO tools that helps with your listing optimisations and market research even though some tools are not particularly useful, like Dates (showing last updated and expired dates) and Inventory (shows quantity available of listings with the price and total value).

What is the cost of eRank monthly?

The free version gives limited access to eRank’s features. To access the full potential of eRank, you can buy the PRO plan for $10 every month. The PRO package also comes with features that include advanced keyword research, competitor monitoring, and access to historical performance, among others.

Is eRank billed?

Besides, eRank has paid plans for sellers seeking to expand their Etsy shops. All of our paid memberships are monthly. This enables you to upgrade or downgrade as your needs change.

How much does eRank cost?

The positive aspect is that eRank offers a free version to test. Even though the free plan does not comprise many options, it provides useful tools. If more is needed, the lowest-priced plan costs $5.99 per month. That choice comes at about $29.99 per month for customers who need all the advanced features.

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