List Of Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Emma Swift

digital products to sell on Ebay

Selling products online is getting really popular, especially on Etsy. For those who love making things look nice, digital products to sell on Etsy can make you lots of money.

But it takes work because you can sell many things. So, what should you sell on Etsy? Check out our list of ideas for digital things you can create, like ebooks, wallpapers, calendars, and more.

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Top Digital Items for Etsy

In the 21st century, the possibilities for digital products to sell on Etsy seem limitless. Undoubtedly, this market can be a lucrative venture for online sellers. However, it’s important to ensure your digital creations comply with Etsy’s guidelines. Moreover, mastering Etsy strategies to distinguish yourself from competitors is essential for a successful journey on Etsy.

Now, let’s delve into some of the most popular categories of digital products to sell on Etsy:

#1. Digital Books:

In today’s digital age, writers have more options for sharing their work than traditional paper-based publishing. Rather than relying on a publishing house, they can now personalize and easily share their content with others.

A search for “ebooks” on Etsy yields over 68,000 results, indicating a growing trend in selling digital books on the platform. Some items in this category have achieved over 100,000 sales. Also, popular searches within this category include ebook templates, ebook covers, ebook Canva, and ebook kids.

#2. Digital Wallpapers

After ebooks, wallpapers undoubtedly secure a spot among the top-digital products to sell on Etsy. Boasting over 10,000+ sales, Etsy selling wallpapers proves to be a lucrative opportunity for designers.

Digging deeper into Etsy downloads, you’ll observe that the most sought-after searches include neutral, floral, bohemian, and custom wallpapers. These wallpapers also come in different sizes and versions, catering to both desktop and mobile users.

#3. Digital Calendars

Make sure to include calendars in your lineup of digital products for sale on Etsy. Designing visually appealing printable calendar templates can draw in a wide audience willing to make a purchase.

Calendars stand out as one of the most practical ideas for Etsy digital downloads. For instance, crafting blank calendars allows shoppers to jot down events, deadlines, and more. This is particularly ideal for sellers who wish to unleash their creativity and offer customizable options.

#4. Digital Invitations

Events like parties, weddings, and gatherings always call for invitations, making them a top choice among digital products to sell on Etsy. E-sellers crafting invitation templates can command higher prices, especially if customization options are available.

Some Facts:

  • Invitation templates have recorded over 13,000+ purchases.
  • Elaborately designed invitations for specific occasions have surpassed 7,000 sales.
  • Customized orders can fetch up to $20 per item.

#5. Digital Cosmetic Labels

For cosmetic sellers lacking design skills, investing in a designer for labels is advisable rather than attempting it themselves. Labels for items like soap, jars, and bottles are highly sought after, with thousands of monthly sales on popular marketplaces. This is why cosmetic labels are recommended as digital products to sell on Etsy.

Opting for a designer often requires less time and money to create new labels. This makes it possible to target potential customers, particularly those with small handmade cosmetic stores if you possess the talent for crafting beautiful cosmetic labels. Additionally, when designing labels of cosmetic, it’s important to understand your audience’s needs to deliver items that align seamlessly with their brands.

#6. Digital Printable Planners

A search for “planner” on Etsy yields an impressive nearly 1.6 million results, highlighting the extensive demand. Also, many planners have emerged on Etsy as top-selling digital products, amassing almost 20,000+ purchases. This clear trend underscores the popularity of planners within the Etsy marketplace. 

However, it is worth noting that these printable planners have a somewhat “seasonal” aspect. You might experience a surge in orders around New Year and Christmas celebrations, as some buyers use them to wrap up the year or set new goals.

#7. Digital Lightroom Presets

Who doesn’t want stunning pictures for Instagram? People have been using tools like Lightroom for years to create an images on social media.

If you have presets that enhance specific aesthetics, they make for excellent digital items to sell on Etsy. The top sellers in Etsy preset include Bright & Airy, Neutral, Film, Dark & Moody, Sunset, and Bohemian. If you’re planning to start selling these digital products, take our suggestions into consideration.

#8. Digital Business Cards/Greeting Cards

Business and greeting cards are gaining significance as digital products to sell on Etsy, especially in the current technological landscape. Their relevance has heightened with the widespread adoption of remote work as a social norm. Utilizing platforms like Canva or Wepik, you can effortlessly discover business card examples and inspirations to kickstart your own template, customized to meet your specific needs.

#9. Digital Wedding Printables

Did you know that wedding printables have crossed 5,000+ sales on Etsy? Wedding printables, ranging from welcome boards to table menus, seat organizers, invitations, and decor items, offer diverse options.

Creating full sets of essential wedding printables in various styles is sure to attract online shoppers as sought-after digital products on Etsy in 2023.

#10. Digital Social Media Templates

If you’re pondering what digital products to sell on Etsy, starting with social media templates holds tremendous potential. Targeting small business owners could be a strategic move, given the constant need for appealing content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Many businesses rely on these platforms to connect with their customers, making visually striking and brand-aligned templates essential. Crafting beautiful templates that effectively convey their brand voice can be highly valuable. Additionally, consider offering an all-in-one package, as it may increase the likelihood of purchase.

#11. Digital Etsy Shop Banners

For new sellers unfamiliar with crafting impressive Etsy banners, shop banners emerge as another sought-after digital product to sell on Etsy, as per our list.

As a banner creator, offering customized banners tailored to buyers’ preferences enhances compatibility. These Etsy digital downloads provide convenient solutions for business owners and affordable options for supporting new or small businesses. 

12. Digital Invoice Templates

We think that selling invoice templates could be among the most successful digital products on Etsy due to their versatile nature.

You can consider this simple boho-style invoice template, having gained almost 290,000 sales on Etsy. Besides the sales figures, another reason to go into selling digital invoice templates is their simplicity in creation. 

#13. Branding Kits and Digital Logos

Adding to our list of digital products to sell on Etsy, Branding and Logos Kits stand out. Logos are typically priced between $10 to $35. However, the pricing landscape changes for branding packages.

Deluxe branding kits, offering customization, can be sold for about $200 to $1500. Higher-priced branding kits often feature extensive visual guidance and an exceptional aesthetic sense.

#14. Digital Thank You Cards

Thank-you cards claim the list of the best digital products to sell on Etsy. Businesses often include thank-you cards with their shipped products as a way to express gratitude for customer support and encourage positive feedback. Therefore, creating impressive card and envelope layouts can contribute to your earnings.

Moreover, offering your digital thank-you cards in sets at unbeatable prices can attract more attention to your Etsy store. Finally, when listing your products on Etsy, leveraging effective tools can empower your business to make more profits.

#15. Digital Fonts

In our exploration of the top digital products to sell on Etsy, fonts are a must-mention. With half a million search results and numerous purchases, fonts are gaining popularity among Etsy sellers.

Also, digital fonts are sold in bundles of 40 or 50 items on Etsy, priced between $4 to $17. While these may not be high-end price tags, it’s important to remember the potential of fonts, mainly when some have accumulated over 20,000 purchases.

Some Questions

What is the most popular digital product sold on Etsy?

One of the top-selling products on Etsy is wall art. If you are a keen artist or designer, you can digitize your work into wall art for the end-users to print out themselves at home.

What is the best strategy to increase sales of Etsy digital downloads?

There must be a targeted promotion of the digital products on Etsy and other marketing platforms like social media, emails, and blogs to help them access more people. Shoppers’ eyes can be set on the marketplace through Etsy ads. However, it is also advisable for you to market these digital products through other avenues.

Is it still profitable to sell digital products on Etsy?

Indeed, selling digital goods on Etsy can be immensely rewarding as a side business and a second source of living income. Moreover, the vast majority of digital products involve a minimal upfront cost, and after you’ve produced your virtual content files for customer use, they can be an excellent source of passive income.

What Etsy seller is the most affluent?

Alicia Shaffer, who is widely known as the richest seller of Etsy, was frequently in the headlines for earning $70,000 in monthly sales. In 2015, her Etsy store Three Bird Nest made almost $ 1 million on the platform.

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