What to choose between Amazon Business and Prime: Which Program is best for you?

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What to choose between Amazon Business and Prime

In the ever changing landscape of online retail, there are two concepts that frequently lead to confusion: Amazon Business and Prime. Amazon Business is aimed at the needs of enterprises with a wide range of B2B solutions. From the other point of view, Amazon Prime is directed at individual customers and provides special benefits and quick deliveries.

Now, the question arises: Which one is best for you? This article provides clear distinctions between Amazon Prime and Business Prime so that you could choose appropriately.

Distinctions between Amazon Business and Prime 

Amazon Prime provides superior shopping and entertainment experiences whereas Business Prime, offered through Amazon Business, is designed for b2b prime. Amazon Business provides the same breadth of selection, convenience, and value as Amazon with additional features designed to improve operational effectiveness. It should be noted that Amazon and Amazon Marketplace are two different entities. 

Now, let’s delve into a summary table highlighting the distinctions between Amazon Business Prime and Prime:

    Variables        Amazon Prime     Amazon Business Prime
  Target customers    Individual shoppers         Businesses
Users per             membership  Prime members can share select benefits with Amazon Household – 2 adults, up to 4 teens, and 4 kids profiles       1 user to 100+ users
Membership fee -$14.99/month 

– $139/year $6/99/month for eligible government assistance

-$7.49/month for students

– Business Prime Duo is free for Amazon Prime members: 1 user

– $179/year for up to 3 users

– $499/year for up to 10 users

– $1,299/year for up to 100 users

– $10,099/year for 100+ users

Tax exemption    No   Yes
Entertainment benefits Yes (Prime Gaming, Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Music, etc.) No
Work advantages  No  Yes (Amazon Work Docs, Spend Visibility, Guided Buying, etc.)


Having acquired a basic knowledge of the distinctions between Amazon Business and Prime, let us review Amazon Prime in detail.

What do you mean by Amazon Prime?

An Amazon subscription program that includes monthly and yearly memberships. Prime members the subscribers can enjoy special access to many different Amazon services and much more than the average customer.

This membership is international and includes US, Japan, India, UK, France, Austria, Mexico, Spain, China, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Singapore, UAE, and others.

What are the advantages of utilizing Amazon Prime?

The difference between Business Prime and Prime programs shows unique advantages for their members. Amazon Prime program provides unique benefits in the areas of shipping, shopping and entertainment.

Shopping Advantages

For customers, Amazon Prime offers enticing shopping benefits

Prime Early Access: Obtain 30 minutes advantage over lightning deals.

Prime Day: Get access to special offers during the annual sale.

Amazon Dash Prime: Enjoy the convenience of shopping with Dash Wan.

Amazon Fresh: Enable smooth online grocery orders with free delivery on eligible prices.

Foods Market Access: Benefit from quick 2 hour delivery and special deals.

Prime Wardrobe: Before shopping, try on clothes.

Prime Photos: Enjoy unlimited storage on Amazon Drive.

Prime Membership Sharing: Share benefits with adult members of Amazon Household.

Shipping Advantages

Prime members also involve in exclusive shipping advantages

Prime Day Exclusives: Take advantage of massive prime day discounts.

Same day shipping: Get fast delivery on US orders that qualify.

No Rush Delivery: Choose non urgent orders that offer free shipping.

Free Shipping on Pre ordered Items: Free shipping for all pre orders in the US that are eligible for release dates.

Free Same day shipping in Select Zip Codes: Enjoy free same day shipping in specified zip codes.

Entertainment Advantages

Lastly and importantly, a unique contrast between Amazon Business and Prime appears in the exclusive entertainment advantages designed only for Prime members, that advantages remain unavailable to Business Prime users.

Get discounted monthly music plans unlimitedly.

Get more content with a monthly subscription.

Dive into thousands of playlists and commercial free songs.

Discover new audio without any restrictions.

Access to amazon originals and immerse yourself in movies, shows and series.

Prime discounts on video games and new releases 

Early access to first reads

Enjoy a wide variety of kid friendly content with special prices.

Amazon Prime Cost?

Amazon Prime offers various prices to different customers:

For $139, users can purchase an annual membership or they can choose monthly plan at $14.99.

For $7.49 per month, Prime is available for students.

Amazon Prime advantages are available to individuals receiving qualified government assistance at $6.99 per month.

In contrast to the Amazon Business pricing which we will analyse later, this pricing model is aimed at individuals who require a lot of shopping advantages instead of businesses or sellers requiring additional features.

Amazon is ready to give 30 day free attempt for those who are not sure about committing. This helps you to discover benefits and evaluate whether the membership fits your expectation and satisfies your needs.

How to enroll for Amazon Prime?

Given below are 3 steps to enroll for Amazon Prime.

Visit the Amazon Prime page.

Click on the Start your free 30 day attempt button.

Give the essential information and choose your preferred payment option, either monthly or annually. Complete the sign up process by following the directions provided on the screen.

Amazon Prime Disadvantages 

Some disadvantages of Amazon Prime are

Automatic Renewal: The ease with which people can automatically renew subscriptions may come as a surprise to users but charges may be incurred unknowingly unless closely monitored.

Geared towards Regular Shoppers: Amazon Prime maximum benefit is planned for regular customers which may leave occasional customers with unused features. This makes it less beneficial to those who rarely shop.

That summarizes Amazon Prime. To learn more about this program, let us move to the section Amazon Business Prime. In the end, it is possible to distinguish between Amazon Business and Prime which will enable you to select the best one according to your requirements.

What do you mean by Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon B2B Prime or Amazon Business as it is commonly called, is a business oriented version of Amazon Prime for b2b.Its main goal is to change how companies manage their inventories to ensure that they are cost efficient and have access to special discounts.

Businesses that sign up with Amazon enjoy preferential access to a user friendly shopping platform that boasts of customized processes that ease the process of acquiring a wide variety of items and services. Amazon b2b prime provides discounted pricing for business specific categories including lab equipment, food services, advanced IT systems and others.

Amazon b2b prime provides a global approach to efficient procurement processes across borders available in eight countries including the India, US, Japan, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, and France.

Amazon b2b Prime advantages

A major contrast among Amazon b2b Prime and Prime is the wide range of benefits provided to members.

The Amazon b2b Prime program offers a variety of advantages including employee logins, document collaborations and corporate credit. Significantly, it enables the addition of several team members in one B2B Prime account, making the shopping process for different items and services on Amazon much easier.

Amazon b2b Prime offers more than just cost savings. The program comes with a set of tools and features that aim to improve business operations including employee logins, document collaboration and corporate credit. By allowing multiple team members to work efficiently in a shared B2B Prime account collaborative efforts are streamlined and the procurement process is made more efficient.

Those aiming to increase sales should try Amazon listing tools that make interesting listings. These tools allow automating the process of adding, updating and managing product listings in bulk thus saving a lot of time and effort when compared to manual input through Amazon MWS.

Additionally, Amazon b2b Prime members are provided with Business Analytics tools to view sales, expenses, and predict future plans.

Shopping Advantages

Amazon b2b Prime also gives its customers with shopping advantages such as

Prime Early Access.

Prime Day deals.

Shipping Advantages

Amazon b2b Prime gives its customers shipping incentives 

Easy shipping of large items with a timeframe of 3 to 5 days.

Benefit from low cost alternatives for rapid shipping.

Use free shipping on Amazon Day.

Business Prime incentives

In distinction to the advantages of Amazon Prime, b2b Prime members have access to additional features like

Extended Terms It is possible to apply for the Pay by Invoice for Extended Terms which is a way of extending the payment time from 45 to 60 days based on the chosen business plan.

Members can also get an Amazon Business American Express Credit Card that is specially designed for them without any extra charges or annual fees.

Business Pricing B2B Prime adds a unique pricing dimension to the equation, offering users a range of prices for their product listings.

Amazon B2B Prime Charge?

It takes only few minutes to create an Amazon Business account. Moreover, b2b Prime provides a variety of packages that are designed to address the different needs of businesses. The choice depends on the number of users in the account and other bonuses.

Below is a complete breakdown of the Amazon b2b prime charge

Membership Plan           Annual Fee                 Maximum Members
Duo On a linked personal account amazon prime membership is free. 1 user
Essentials $179 3 users
Small $ 499 10 users
Medium $1,299 100 users
Enterprise $10,099 Unlimited users


In addition, entrepreneurs enjoy 30 day trial that enables them to determine whether the plan meets their expectations and requirements before signing up for a subscription.

How to enroll for B2B Prime

Given below are the steps to enroll for Amazon business Prime

Start either by signing up for an Amazon Business account or if you already have one log into it.

Visit the Business Prime dedicated page to initiate the registration process.

Click on Sign In to Amazon Business and follow the instructions below.

Hit Sign In to Amazon Business and follow the following directions.

Select the plan of your choice and proceed through payment procedure.

Amazon B2B Prime disadvantages

Some disadvantages of Amazon B2B Prime are

Product Category Fees: The fees may vary between 6 to15percent based on the category of product. It is also worth mentioning that these charges do not include Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees.

Communication Limitations: User interactions with sellers or consumers could be restricted, thus affecting the overall collaborative nature.


The choice between Amazon Business and Prime is simply a matter of what you require either personal benefits with Prime or corporate solutions that match your business needs for Business. Based on your needs and specific use case, choose a program that best fits the situation.


What benefits do Amazon provide for its business account?

By becoming a Business Prime member, you and your entire team get unlimited access to the whole set of business focused features and privileges to match your selected plan. Such ones are free shipping on qualified items, the ability to lead users to particular choices, data about your company’s expenditure, and other benefits.

Is Amazon Business an attractive market to sell in?

Compared to small traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, Amazon sellers become profitable much faster. Although the former may take more than two years to become profitable, 15% of Amazon sellers reported being profitable within three months, and an impressive 68% reported being profitable in their first year.

How successful can one be with a business on Amazon?

46% of Amazon sellers can reach an average Amazon FBA success rate between 11-25%, with an impressive 64% likely to become profitable within the first 12 months of starting. 

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